The Golden Line G650 is a new breathtaking creation of GRAND, presenting absolutely new and unique concept of rigid inflatable boat with several fantastic ideas and features, which make this model a remarkable event in the world of boating. Just have a look at some of them:
– U-form rear seat — this feature is common for larger RIBs, but this is the first time when it is so nicely arranged on 6.5m long RIB

– Rounded bow part of the tube — unique and recognizable shape with nice touch of elegance and beauty in boat lines

– New concept of steering console with impressive spacious dashboard

– Elegant driver’s console with folding seats and railings

– Innovative waterski towing arch, combining the features of navigation arch and wakeboard or waterski towing capability.
But after all that the New Golden Line G650 is the most beautiful boat, ever created by GRAND and we believe it will become the most beloving one by our GRAND Customers. The boat is available either with PVC or HYPALON tubes.


Why choose GRAND?

Innovations, Innovations, Innovations!

The key ingredient of GRAND’s success is our innovations! By utilizing state-of-the-art engineering with extensive research and development, we not only raise the bar of quality, we provide the finest contemporary naval architecture available! Combined with our extensive experience in the aerospace industry, the aerodynamic and aircraft technology used in our advanced design and production processes results in a model that’s tough to beat. With GRAND, your enjoyment will always be backed by our revolutionary technology.


Highest Quality Standards


The fact is that our internal quality control exceeds the standards of our competitors, all GRAND models meet the requirements of the International Standard ISO/FDIS-6185, European Community EEC Directive for Recreational Crafts 94/25/EC, and a number of other strict international and national quality standards. This alone clearly indicates that safety and reliability is the driving force behind GRAND. But it’s you, our customer, and your invaluable feedback that has earned GRAND a reputation of being the Number One choice among recreational boaters.


Created by the Hands of Men

Created by the Hands of Men

Each GRAND is made by hand, one at a time. Behind every model is tough, durable and hand-crafted manufacturing process that stands up to the toughest environment mother nature throws on our way. Outmost skilled manufacturing specialists and a top-notch, quality control system are combined to provide the best guarantees and highest level of quality. We leave our product in the hands of real professionals. We would have it no other way!


Top Grade Materials for Best Results

Top Grade Materials for Best Results

Best materials supplied from the best suppliers is the only way to ensure the greatest quality. All parts and systems are built from reliable and credible brands. For instance, GRAND inflatables are coated with five layers of 1100 Dtes and 1680 Dtex, which is reinforced with MIRASOL and VALMEX fabrics to ensure outstanding durability and abrasion-resistance for life! If the best product isn’t available, we create our own. For instance, our original new HTL adhesive not only offers structural integrity, it withstands temperatures more than 90 Degree C! To ensure you receive the best product for the value, our buoyancy tubes are made of extra-strength HYPALON (ORCA/TREVIRA) for our high-end boats. With GRAND, there are advantages on and off the water!


Technical Perfection and Unique Designs!

Every GRAND model incorporates a unique combination of innovative techniques, patented designs and our years of expertise. Utilizing the latest CAD/CAM technology with the most advanced software, every GRAND is perfected to the smallest details to ensure the utmost quality. Once a model has been built, we perfect it even more with an extensive on-water sea trial in the harshest conditions before it even sees a showroom floor!

Just find out here some original technical solutions and genius design ideas , whish make GRAND inflatables a unique and the ONLY choice :


Lowered Buoyancy Tube Ends


This practical and effective design has several great advantages:

– Extends the waterline, increasing stability and onboard safety

– It minimizes bow lift with lighter loads,

– It reduces water spray to a minimum and increases water movement in the stern, which in turn, decreases hydro-dynamical resistance and increases fuel efficiency.


Deep “V” Hulls


This practical and effective innovation offers several great advantages:

– Extends the waterline, increasing stability and onboard safety

– It minimizes bow lift with lighter loads

– It reduces water spray to a minimum and increases water movement in the stern, which in turn, decreases hydro-dynamical resistance and increases fuel efficiency.


Sharper Keel Line


Every GRAND RIB hull has a sharper, protruding keel line over classic lines to:

– Extend the waterline and sufficiently increase maneuverability

– Effectively cut through waves for a smoother ride on rough water

– Maintain a drier ride and minimize water spray.

Most importantly, it creates an elegant, yet aggressive profile, adding good look to the utmost functionality!


Unique “HSH” Design Rigid Hulls

The main concept behind our exclusive High-Step-Hull (HSH) is to increase buoyancy and ensure:

– The tube has less wetted surface during top speeds and planing over conventional boats

– The tube offers excellent tracking during idle and slow speeds for superb maneuverability.

HSH Hull system offers:

– Improved performance and less fuel consumption

– A higher freeboard, along with increased buoyancy and load capacity

– A smoother ride with comfort and safety

More Information

Boat typeNew inflatable boat
Length (overall)650 cm
Width (overall)265 cm
Weight750 kg
Loading capacity1400 kg
Tube diameter55 cm
Chamber materialPVC
Maximum persons12
Maximum power200 hp
Bottom typeSolid bottom
Standard equipment- PVC material
- CL-16 console
- Driver’s double seat SD-11
- Bow step plate with clam bollard
- Removable bow cushions with two handrails
- Removable bench and backrests cushions
- Built-in fuel system with 200 liters fueltank
- Rear stainless steel railing
- 2 rear tow rings
- 12 tube brackets
Upgrades- Cushion upgrade - fabric
- Cushion upgrade - bow sundeck fabric
- Cushion upgrade - aft sundeck fabric
- Cushion upgrade - extended aft sundeck fabric
- Upgrade to black tube color (PVC only)
- Hypalon tubes
Additional equipment- Overpressure valve
- Hydraulic steering system
- Removable bow sundeck with cushions
- Removable aft sundeck with cushions
- Extended aft sundeck with cushions
- PVC bottom protection, package A
- PVC tube protection, package B
- Removable table with 4 cup holders
- Electric package nr. 5
- CL-16 console cover
- Driver’s double seat SD-11 cover
- Backseat cover
- Water shower set (shower set, electric pump, 50-lit tank)
- Fuel level gauge
- Collapsible 3-arch stainless steel suntop nr. 4S
Grand Luxe package:- 2 x swimming platform with boarding stairs
- Electric package nr. 6
- Waterski towing arch with towing eyes
- Bow railing (stainless steel)



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