Boats maintenance and repair

Boats maintenance and repair

We offer engine maintenance services, which include servicing, conservation and deconservation, repair and replacement of worn parts, maintenance of equipment on board (electronic dsc078431i navigation), washing, cleaning, antifouling coating and painting of the boat. In winter, the risk of negative consequences increases and it is more likely that the boat will break down. Frozen parts on the boat, empty batteries… are just some of the unwanted breakdowns that require additional costs. To prevent such things from happening to you, our services and expertise are at your disposal.

Such a boat maintenance service is intended primarily for shipowners who are unable to take care of their boat and want to leave this job to experts. Treat yourself to affordable service in our well-equipped workshop, where our service technicians will make sure that your boat is fully ready for the season, and that you can enjoy sailing carefree, because the best sailing is safe sailing!

The range of our services:

Taking the boat ashore and complete preparation for the season
Maintenance and repair of all types of engines, battery charger operation, electrical and hydraulic installations
Preservation of marine and outboard engines
Diagnosing and troubleshooting
Installation of nautical equipment (winches, anchors, navigation… )

External maintenance of the boat, which includes: cleaning, deep cleaning, washing, antifouling, polishing, painting, replacement and repair of key parts of the boat