These tough little runabouts are ideal for weekend camping and fishing trips, small boat tender duties or just for messing about on the water. You can inflate or pack it away in minutes using the standard high-speed air pump, while the lightweight slatted floor simply rolls up – and your YAM is easily stowable in a boat locker, car trunk or even a cupboard at home. Use the strong aluminium oars, with their easy-stow tube clips and sturdy rowlocks – or fit a Yamaha outboard. Either way, you’ll be delighted with one of these stylish little runabouts.



Perfect partners

Savršeni partner

Yamaha outboards are renowned for their turnkey reliability and amazing performance and YAM inflatables are designed to be the perfect match, from the unique underwater profile to the optimised angle and height of the transom. With a huge range of Yamaha outboards to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect combination of engine and inflatable.

Reinforced transom

Light and easy to manoeuvre, the YAM 220T and YAM 240T are supplied with alluminium oars that are light yet strong, along with easy-stow tube clips and sturdy rowlocks-so manoeuvering around is simple and relaxing. The transom is reinforced and specially designed for a Yamaha outboard engine. All in all, it’s the perfect package.

Built to last

For maximum strength and good looks, all YAM inflatables are constructed using the latest generation PVC material, with all seams and joints glue-bonded for optimum watertightness and safety. The result is a smart, clean exterior surface that is highly resistant to abrasion, salt water and sunlight.

Built to take the pressure

A cleverly designed air baffle system is incorporated into the hull tubes of all YAM inflatables. This not only helps to keep the individual chambers completely sealed for safety, it also helps maintain and equalise air pressure throughout the tube. Amongst other things, this also allows your boat to absorb minor impacts without major problems.

Built to take care of you

In addition to safety features like strong, secure grab-handles, seat patches, D-rings, lifting eyes and other fittings, comfort is also a top priority. Our ingenious high-quality air valve is a good example – exceptionally reliable and airtight, it’s easy to operate and is flush with the surface of the tube, preventing snagging or discomfort.

Easy to transport

Every YAM comes with everything needed for instant boating enjoyment. The strong carrying bag is convenient for stowing your YAM in a car boot or on a roof rack – and the floors, seats and fittings are all very simple to install. A powerful air pump is also supplied, so your YAM will be ready to go in a matter of minutes.



– High-speed air pump for quick set-up and get-away

– Very easy to control and manoeuvre

– The perfect partner for a Yamaha outboard engine

– Great as a user-friendly tender or family runabout

– Transom reinforced for a Yamaha outboard motor

– Quick and easy to pack up and stow

– Provides a very stable and comfortable ride


Price for cash YAM220T: 4.590,00 kn (VAT included)

Price for cash YAM240T: 4.990,00 kn (VAT included)

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