Bring a smile to your face by riding this machine in an aggressive, wave-conquering style – or explore it’s more relaxing personality, when its the smoothest, most powerful 3-seat touring machine we’ve ever made, ready to take you on great adventures in luxury and comfort. The all-new supercharged Super Vortex High Output engine and lightweight NanoXcel® hull and deck are the perfect double act – impressive power coupled with stable, agile handling and a comfortable ride. Cutting-edge technology and innovation look after you along the way too, with electronic throttle control, Cruise-Assist, Neutral selector and remote-control security. Your dealer has the rest of the story.

WaveRunners are renowned for supreme performance, agility and comfort – and their ability to take you on exciting adventures in wonderful places. Thanks also to Yamaha’s commitment to developing the most efficient 4-stroke technology, no other watercraft can run even close to a WaveRunner. From the unique, lightweight NanoXcel® hull technology to the new supercharged SVHO 1812cc 4-stroke engine, Yamaha engineering is at the forefront of innovation. Stylish design and ultra-practical features add luxury to the package, so the end result – in the elegant shape of the FX SVHO – is an unbeatable way to go adventure touring or sports riding.



Electronic Throttle Control


Yamaha’s sophisticated Electronic Throttle Control system will delight you with its ‘intelligent’ features. You’ll use Cruise-Assist to set and maintain specific speeds, No Wake Mode to navigate with ease through low speed areas–and to help you manoeuvre more smoothly, Reverse Traction Control will prevent unexpected over-revving in reverse.

Lightweight NanoXcel® hull and deck


The long, elegant hull and deck are constructed from Yamaha’s unique NanoXcel® – which is around 25% lighter than conventional materials – so the FX SVHO offers extremely agile handling and optimum fuel efficiency.This latest-generation hull design also delivers more space and stability, with extra storage and even more ride comfort.

Supercharged Super Vortex High Output 1812cc engine


The new engine produces approximately 20% more power than before, and features improved cooling, more efficient intake, and stronger engine internals. The new, larger Hyper-Flow jet pump helps turn that power into electrifying acceleration, and the Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) gives smooth and efficient power output

RiDE system (Reverse with Intuitive Deceleration Electronics)


The revolutionary RiDE system transforms your riding pleasure, bringing a new feeling of confidence to every rider at every level. Simply pull the throttle lever on the right hand-grip to move forward and accelerate – pull the lever on the left grip to slow down or reverse. Yes, it’s really that simple!

Clear and stylish instruments


Alongside its stylish, easy-to-read analogue speedo/tacho meters the FX SVHO has a digital multi-function display with centrally positioned buttons that allow fast access to readouts for speed, distance, fuel level, running hours and battery voltage. Automatic low fuel, low oil pressure and overheating alerts keep you informed too.

Remote security with Low-RPM Mode™


This innovative system is an industry-first for Yamaha. One click on the remote transmitter button engages a special “L” mode (Low RPM) to limit top speed–ideal for controlled manoeuvring. For your security and peace of mind, pushing a second button disables the ignition, preventing an accidental start-up –or an unauthorised joyride.



– Supercharged SVHO 1812cc engine with EFI

– Hydrodynamic NanoXcel® lightweight hull and deck

– New 160mm, 8-vane pump with 3-blade impeller

– Yamaha’s own Quick-Shift Trim System (Q.S.T.S )®

– 2-piece seat and ergonomically designed hand grips

– Industry-first remote security with Low-RPM Mode™

– Unique 4-step tilt-adjustable steering system

– Reverse and Neutral gear position selector

– Deep stern step & twin re-boarding handles

– Clear easy-to-read instrumentation

– Watertight storage compartments

– Yamaha Sound Suppression System (Y.S.S.S.)®

 Price: 135.500,00 kn (VAT included)

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