Take the VXR. It’s a potent mix of sports and cruising capability, especially designed to take advantage of the great many technical advances we’ve pioneered and tested in recent years – and styled to look the part, with aggressive colours, graphics and design accents that turn heads all around the world. You’ll also discover, exciting features normally found only on premium luxury models. Like the lightweight and tough NanoXcel® hull and deck materials – and the latest electronic systems. The VXR was also one of the first models to feature our revolutionary RiDE control system. A true breakthrough, it’s totally intuitive – and immediately instils confidence in every rider.

Today’s WaveRunner enjoys a world-leading reputation for reliability and all-round performance earned over many years – and we’ve always led the way with our pioneering development of efficient 4-stroke technology. The result? No other watercraft comes close. From the revolutionary RiDE system – to our lightweight NanoXcel2® hulls – to our supercharged 4-stroke 1812cc engine, Yamaha’s innovative design, technology and engineering is at the cutting edge. Our attention to detail and sheer build quality add luxury to the package, so the result is a magical blend of performance and comfort, equally suited to cruising or sports riding.



High Output, 1812cc, 4-stroke, DOHC, 16V engine


Our 4-cylinder DOHC 1.8 litre, High Output engine is the largest displacement in the industry, yet thanks to an intensive innovation programme. It is extremely compact. The result is astonishing power, acceleration and huge torque, along with clean efficiency and economy.

RiDE system (Reverse with Intuitive Deceleration Electronics)


The revolutionary RiDE system transforms your riding pleasure, bringing a new feeling of confidence to every rider at every level. Simply pull the throttle lever on the right hand-grip to move forward and accelerate – pull the lever on the left grip to slow down or reverse. Yes, it’s really that simple!

NanoXcel® for the lightest hull and deck in its class


The combination of an extremely lightweight hull and deck – constructed using NanoXcel® technology – helps achieve superb acceleration, top speed, agility and fuel efficiency. NanoXcel® creates an incredibly strong intermolecular bond and a smoother surface compared to conventional materials. It’s also 25% lighter.

Wide, long hull for even better stability


The semi-V multi-chine hull is a key factor in the VXR’s ability to offer a full package of supreme handling and comfort. Its width and length allow it to deliver great stability when at rest, together with the ideal balance between grip and controlled sliding in turns. The super-capable VXR – ultimate agility on the water.

Unique electronic systems for new levels of control


Yamaha’s latest electronic systems – now standard on the highly affordable VX Series – deliver a stunning mix of rider benefits and advantages. They include electric trim, electronic Reverse with traction control … and our industry-first security system with Low-RPM mode and remote control.

Race-inspired seat design – comfort and control


Ergonomically designed, with a grippy 2-tone texture, this seat will be a revelation the first-time you ride the new VXR. A bolster-shaped section supports your hips during acceleration and cornering, so confident control comes naturally. Now you can just keep going for longer – and keep enjoying the thrill of the water.

Multi-function LCD instruments & large dual mirrors


Great-looking multi-function LCD instruments mounted in a stylish cockpit panel are not something you might expect on such a keenly priced watercraft. Nor might you expect large integral mirrors, but the VXR has them to help you keep an eye on what’s going on behind – particularly valuable when towing a wakeboard or skier.

Extended rear platform and towing hook


The VXR will really appeal to watersport fans, with its comfortable three-person seat, new extended rear platform with large, soft-touch re-boarding step – and its strong, practical tow hook. Comfortable, slip-resistant Hydro-Turf mats are another pleasure to look forward to after wakeboarding, skiing or swimming with friends.



– High Output 1812cc, 4-cylinder, DOHC, 16-valve

– Clean and efficient (Carb 3-star/EU-1 rated)

– Compact and lightweight design

– Semi-V multi-chine hull

– NanoXcel® hull and metallic painted deck

– New 70-litre fuel tank for increased range

– Ergonomic two-tone step-up seat

– Extended rear platform and re-boarding step

– Reverse

– Multifunction instrument panel

– Hydro-Turf® mats

– Dual cup holder installed in the glovebox

Price for cash: 106.500,00 kn (VAT included)

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