Over many years, Yamaha’s GP models forged an unbeatable reputation among serious racers the world over. This magnificent heritage is now exploited and thrillingly re-born in the shape of our new highperformance hero, the GP 1800. It’s the answer to a performance enthusiast’s prayer – an incredible-looking, super-smooth, super-powerful machine with a super-strong, agile hull and the ability to respond to the rider’s every command precisely, predictably – and in an instant. When such a machine includes all the very latest technical and electronic innovations – often unique and exclusive to yamaha – and proudly carries that famous name, you know a new star is born. Meet it.

Today’s WaveRunner enjoys a world-leading reputation for reliability and all-round performance earned over many years – and we’ve always led the way with our pioneering development of efficient 4-stroke technology. The result? No other watercraft comes close. From the revolutionary RiDE system – to our lightweight NanoXcel2® hulls – to our supercharged 4-stroke 1812cc engine, Yamaha’s innovative design, technology and engineering is at the cutting edge. Our attention to detail and sheer build quality add luxury to the package, so the result is a magical blend of performance and comfort, equally suited to cruising or sports riding.



Supercharged Super Vortex High Output 1812cc engine


This amazing engine produces smooth, flexible power and features highly efficient cooling and air intake systems as well as strong engine internals. The new 160mm Hyper-Flow jet pump helps turn that power into electrifying acceleration – and the Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) gives ultra-smooth and efficient power output.

NanoXcel2®. Maximum strength – minimum weight


Made possible by Yamaha’s unique materials technology, NanoXcel2® is an impressive 18% lighter even than our revolutionary original NanoXcel® – yet just as rigid and strong. So it maximises the exciting sports performance hull design of the new GP1800 to deliver sensational acceleration, higher top speed and greater economy.

RiDE system (Reverse with Intuitive Deceleration Electronics)


The revolutionary RiDE system transforms your riding pleasure, bringing a new feeling of confidence, especially for sports-style riding. Simply pull the throttle lever on the right hand-grip to move forward and accelerate – pull the lever on the left grip to slow down or reverse. Yes, it’s really that simple!

Remote security with Low-RPM Mode™


This innovative system is an industry-first for Yamaha. One click on the remote transmitter button engages a special “L” mode (Low RPM) to limit top speed – ideal for controlled manoeuvring. For your security and peace of mind, pushing a second button disables the ignition, preventing an accidental start-up – or an unauthorised joyride.

Electronic trim and clear, stylish instruments


The electronic trim system, with its 2 simple buttons by the left grip, offers complete control of trim position, on-the-fly. Just click the trim in as you pull a tight turn -and then trim out again to blast away at top speed. Clear indicators for trim, RiDE system and F-N-R positions are a feature of the stylish instruments.

Powerful graphics and great metallic colours


The GP1800 is a really sporting machine, with Yamaha’s race-winning reputation around the world behind it, so it needs to look the part- and it does. With aggressive new graphics and exciting metallic hull colours, a multi-tone textured seat and 2-tone Hydro-Turf mats, it’ll make you feel like going out to fly across some water!

Spacious storage – thoughtful touches


When you’re out there enjoying yourself, it’s good to know you’ve got your personal gear stored safely away. So the new GP1800 has generous stowage space, including a glove box with a bottle holder, a watertight compartment under the single seat – and there’s a very handy bow storage space too.

A sporting heritage that shows


We know you like to tow things and people from time to time, so the new GP1800 makes it a real pleasure. We’ve fitted a strong towing eye, a pair of large integral rear-view mirrors to help you tow safely, very comfortable Hydro-Turf mats and a soft-touch re-boarding step.



– Supercharged SVHO 1812cc engine with EFI

– NanoXcel2® hull – super-strong & super-light

– New 160 mm pump

– Revolutionary RiDE® system w/Reverse Traction ctrl

– Fast electronic trim

– Smart metallic paint colours and stylish graphics

– Textured multi-tone race-style step-up seat

– Clear meters for F-N-R, RiDE and electronic trim

– Industry-first remote security with Low-RPM Mode™

– Large integral mirrors and strong ski towing eye

– Hydro-Turf mats and soft-touch re-boarding step

– Glove box, under-seat and bow storage space
Price for cash: 139.500,00 kn (VAT included)

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