These engines, with their fresh new look, are so light and easy to handle, that carrying one between the shore and the deck of your main boat is a breeze. The F4, F5 and F6 are convenient to store and use, offering the power you need to hit the water with confidence. Their compact size, large carrying handles and built-in fuel tanks enhance their portability – and start-up is easy with Yamaha’s CDI Ignition System. Low fuel consumption, simple controls and low noise and vibration levels, along with Yamaha reliability, come as standard. For families wanting to get on the water easily – or a yacht owner wanting a handy auxiliary – the F4, F5 and F6 offer the smart solution.

Whether you’re a recreational boat owner or a busy professional, choose one of these ultra-reliable engines to help you get more out of your boat. Like every engine in our range, they use the latest Yamaha marine technology for engine layouts, intake and exhaust systems. Yamaha’s 4-stroke development has been so successful because, rather than just adapting ordinary automotive engines for the water, we design and build our marinespecification 4-strokes from scratch. And, without compromising on power, performance or usability, our specially designed marine engines also help preserve the environment through the use of pioneering clean-burn technologies.

New-look grey cowling colour and latest design graphics


In keeping with their unique character, the F4, F5 and F6 feature new looks, with their smart grey top cowlings and the very latest generation Yamaha graphics and styling. It’s a refreshing design that reflects the playfulness of these compact and portable engines – and the fun and adventure they offer.

Easy and comfortable to carry about – ashore or on board


When you want to get out on to the water quickly, easy portability is important – and the F4, F5 and F6 are the ultimate in portable power, with their compact shape and large, comfortable carry handles. So these engines are easy to take down to the water – or to lift on to your main boat as an auxiliary.

3-position storage system prevents oil leaks


When taking your engine to and from the water – or storing it – the last thing you need is a messy oil leak. Yamaha’s unique engine breather system allows the engine to be stored on its front or either side without danger of oil leaking onto your dock or deck – or into the boat locker or car boot.

180º steering with friction and throttle adjustment

Handling is a joy, thanks to the simple steering friction control adjustment and the ability to steer a full 90ºto left or right, which makes light work of tight turns and docking. Throttle trim is easy to adjust too, so when you’re out on the water, you can be sure of great stability and control, even at high speed.

Optional lighting coil gives 12V 6A power supply

The convenient option of a lighting coil and voltage regulator/rectifier provides a reliable 12V 6A power supply for running lights or charging batteries. Great for a bit of exploring or fishing at night!

Built-in fuel tank with switch-over facility for remote tank

The handy built-in 1.1 litre fuel tank is great for portability and makes more room for gear in the boat, whether that’s another box of bait, or an extra cooler of refreshments. For longer trips, simply plug in a remote tank (available as an option) and twist the 2-way tap.


– Three new-look models with smart grey top cowlings
– New-generation Yamaha styling and graphics
– Unique 3-position oil-leak-free storage system
– Lightweight and portable with largecarry handles
– 180º steering for comfortable manoeuvring
– Large F-N-R (Forward-Neutral-Reverse) shift lever
– Built-in 1.1L fuel tank
– 2-way change-over system forportable tank option
– Lighting coil option offers 12V 6A power supply
– Shallow Water Drive for cruising close inshore
– Convenient auxiliary priming pump in the cowling
– Auto decompression for easier starting


– First service and motor mounting for free !!!

– For the service after 20 working hours, we charge only the material !!!

– 3 years warranty !!!




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