The F225, F250 and F300 outboard engines are the pinnacle of the latest technology. Designed for sea adventures, these lightweight and compact V6 outboard engines provide the power you can rely on while enjoying sailing and water sports. For clean and sleek performance, maximum fuel efficiency and easy starting, these advanced 24-valve DOHC outboard engines also feature an EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) fuel injection system as well as a VCT (Variable Camshaft Timing) camshaft. Combining technology and style, the elegant and compact design speaks for itself. The Yamaha “drive-by-wire” electronic remote control provides the smoothest and most precise handling you’ll ever experience.

Whether you want to have fun on your boat – or you are a busy professional – choose an engine with which you will take full advantage of the time spent sailing. Each engine from Yamaha’s product range uses the latest marine technology, engine structure and ingenious intake and exhaust system. Efficient performance is achieved by a micro-computer system that monitors engine operation – from fuel and air mixture to efficient combustion and maintenance schedule. Without compromising on power, performance and usability, our specially designed engines also contribute to preserving the environment by using new clean combustion technology.

3.350 cc, V6 engine with DOHC, EFI and VCT systems

The advanced and lightweight design of these outboard engines is characterized by a plasma-treated cylinder wall, a DOHC system with 4 valves per cylinder. The VCT (Variable camshaft timing) system improves combustion efficiency over the entire speed range. This combination of advanced technologies provides the best hp / cc ratio in the class.

New cylinder processing technology

Plasma-treated cylinder walls are 60% stronger than steel while at the same time being lighter, offering better cooling and reducing friction.

ECM Microcomputer (Engine Control Module)

A reliable micro-computer is the “brain” of your engine. It constantly monitors all input data and settings, enabling smooth engine operation and optimal, timed ignition – as well as automatic activation of alarm and protection systems. Conveniently connector allows authorized Yamaha dealers to identify and detect any problem.

Electronic remote control

The most precise handling you’ll ever experience, the new digital network system (optional) offers unit rpm control for the “Trolling” function. With a button on the tachometer, the user can adjust the speed of the unit in precise steps of 50 rpm, between 600 and 1000 rpm. There is also the possibility of automatic synchronization with double or triple installation of outboard engines on the boat.

Digital network gauges (Standard and Premium)

The F225, F250 and F300 are compatible with Yamaha digital network gauges that display all the necessary information for maximum performance and efficiency. The multifunction tachometer displays rpm, operating hours, trim angle, oil pressure and warning lights and rpm control. The speed / fuel gauge displays speed, fuel tank capacity, and fuel consumption data.

Digital network system

The Yamaha digital network system is now available for these outboard engines. It features a new 6Y9 meter, high-resolution color LCD display, new outboard engine start / stop switch, electronic remote control, accessories and NMEA-2000® protocol. This advanced system can be synchronized with single, double or triple installation of outboard motors on board. For models with counter-rotation (FL models), the set includes 4 PREMIUM LAN instruments of square shape (2x rev counter, speedometer, monitoring and fuel consumption meter), double top “drive -by-wire “control, connecting lever and panel with switches.



– Precise digital electronic remote control

– Digital network gauges (Standard and Premium)

– “Tilt Limiter” system (optional)

– Meets RCD (EU 2006) exhaust emission standards

– Power Trim & Tilt for smooth handling

– Simple fresh water rinsing system


– First service and motor mounting for free !!!

– For the service after 20 working hours, we charge only the material !!!

– 3 years warranty !!!



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