The F2.5 is a perfect way to get out and enjoy the water, turning even the shortest boat rides into enjoyable adventures. Inside a streamlined shell, this 4-stroke outboard is packed full of pioneering Yamaha technology. And it packs a punch too –always providing enough power to get you where you want to go. Superb handling, manoeuvrability and reliability on the water come as standard, along with user-friendly controls and low-vibration performance. The large, comfortable carry-handle makes the F2.5 genuinely portable and a pleasure to use –and adds a new dimension to small boat adventures. It also makes the ideal auxiliary engine for discerning yacht owners.

Whether you’re a recreational boat owner or a busy professional, choose the engine that will help you get more out of your boat. Every engine in the Yamaha range uses the latest Yamaha marine technologies, engine layouts and ingenious intake and exhaust systems. Yamaha’s 4-stroke development has been so successful because, rather than just adapting ordinary automotive engines for the water, we design and build our marine-specification 4-strokes from scratch. And, without compromising on power, performance or usability, our specially designed marine engines also help preserve the environment through the use of pioneering clean-burn technologies.

Full size shift lever for easy gear selection


A full size lever is normally found only on larger engines, but the ability to so easily engage Forward (or Neutral when warming up the engine or in shallows) is a real plus for the F2.5. Combined with the convenience of 360º steering, this feature helps put ultimate control at your fingertips.

360º steering for instant direction changes

The first time you take the F2.5 out on the water, you’ll quickly appreciate how wonderfully agile it is. The full 360º steering offers exceptional manoeuvrability, making it that much easier to get into – and out of – tight spots. This great feature also means full reverse thrust is always available without having to shift gears.

Built-in fuel tank

To really get out there, you need to know you’ve got room for all the necessary gear, whether that’s an extra box of bait, or an extra cooler of refreshments for you and your friends. To give you more space inside your boat, the F2.5 has a built-in fuel tank, eliminating the need for an external equivalent.

Strong full size tiller handle with twist-grip throttle and integrated cables

The F2.5’s strong tiller handle, featuring a large and comfortable twist-grip throttle, allows easy control of the engine, while the side-mounted shift selector is also very convenient to use. The result is superb handling and manoeuvrability. The kill switch and throttle cable are integrated into the design.

Steering friction adjustment

You’ll find the F2.5 incredibly easy to handle, thanks to its convenient controls for steering friction and throttle adjustment. This allows both steering and throttle to be easily adjusted when you’re out on the water and provides great stability and control, even at higher speed.

Strong propeller and shaft


In keeping with its tough and rugged construction, the F2.5 has a 3-blade alloy propeller secured to the strong gearbox spline by a locking nut.


– Full size shift lever for easy gear selection
– F-N (Forward-Neutral) gears for easy control
– 360º steering makes manoeuvring a pleasure
– Strong, light handle for comfortable portability
– Integral fuel tank built-in for convenience
– Strong full size tiller handle with twist-grip throttle and integrated cables
– Steering friction adjustment for manoeuvrability
– Convenient inspection window for oil level check
– TCI Ignition System for reliable performance
– Auto decompression for easier starting
– Thermostatic water-cooled engine
– Blow-by gas re-burning system


– First service and motor mounting for free !!!

– For the service after 20 working hours, we charge only the material !!!

– 3 years warranty !!!




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