Serious racers will tell you that the Yamaha YFZ450R is the clear favourite with winning riders. Its sharp-handling chassis and ultra-responsive 450cc engine have made it today’s number one racing ATV. Nothing else comes close A race-bred assist and slipper clutch gives more precise control over corner entry speed for quicker lap times – while the race-bred engine delivers superfast throttle response and hard-hitting high rpm power for holeshot-winning performance. Sharp-designed bodywork gives the rider space to shift the bodyweight during cornering or hard acceleration. And the lightweight piggyback shocks make for razor-sharp handling!

We know that racing isn’t about compromise. It’s about being the best. And that’s an attitude reflected in the design of every Yamaha Sports ATV. Discover tough, lightweight frames that move with you, while withstanding every knock and bump. Experience ergonomic designs that keep your body comfortable, and your mind on what lies ahead. At the heart of every Yamaha Sport ATV is an engine perfected by intensive research and development. We are as committed to engineering excellence as you are to winning the next race. Offering everything from big-torque, 4-stroke power to exciting acceleration, these are ATVs to leave the competition standing.



Race-bred high-performance engine


The YFZ450R’s race-bred 5-valve 4-stroke 450cc engine features a compression ratio of 11.8:1 and high performance camshafts for instant throttle response and race winning high rpm power. The Air Induction System gives high fuel efficiency, reduced exhaust emissions and increased durability.

Electronic Fuel Injection


For sharp throttle response the YFZ450R is equipped with a 42mm Mikuni throttle body which includes an ISC (Idle Speed Control) system for easy and reliable starting and warming up. This advanced system delivers instantaneous pick up and contributes towards reduced emissions.

Hybrid chassis engineering


The YFZ450R uses a special combination of aluminium and steel in its frame and swingarm construction, and this innovative ‘hybrid chassis’ design offers a winning combination of low weight together with outstanding strength and an excellent rigidity balance.

Assist and slipper clutch


The YFZ450R is the first ATV in its class to feature an assist and slipper clutch that’s designed to partially disengage when you’re downshifting quickly for a turn. By virtually eliminating the effects of engine braking, the slipper clutch allows the rider to control corner entry speeds using the brakes for enhanced control and reduced lap times.

Slick-shifting transmission


The YFZ450R’s 5-speed transmission is one of the slickest shifting systems in its class, and is fitted with an assist and slipper clutch – the first time this race-developed technology has been used in this category. The system makes shifting between gears even easier for quicker lap times and reduced fatigue.

Long-travel adjustable suspension


For reduced unsprung weight this model is fitted with Kayaba piggyback front shock absorbers and a calibrated rear shock. These adjustable units give refined handling performance to give you the edge over other competitors.

Ergonomic design


The YFZ450R is designed to work in perfect harmony with the rider for improved performance on the track and added comfort on the trail. The front and rear fenders are designed to give more space around the rider for easy weight shifting when cornering or accelerating – and the heel guards are also relocated further back.

Special edition


There’s only one ATV that’s more exclusive than the YFZ450R – and that’s the YFZ450R SE! This top of the range Special Edition comes with an aggressive Liquid Graphite Metallic colour scheme that gives an even more distinctive look on the track or trail. And with its bright ‘night fluo’ coloured body and wheel graphics, the YFZ450R SE demands attention.



– Light action throttle lever

– First ATV in its class with a slipper clutch

– Lightweight piggyback shocks for precise handling

– High compression engine for explosive performance

– Shock calibration matches tyre character perfectly

– Cam design for strong high rpm power feeling

– 32-bit fuel injection for instant response

– Lightweight weldless hybrid aluminium frame

– Cast aluminium swingarm with piggyback rear shock

– Dual front discs with wave-type rear

– Quick-release fasteners for easy bodywork removal

– Roomy bodywork and padded seat shape for comfort

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