The YFM90R may be small in size, but it’s equipped with several features found on larger Yamaha models – including double A-arm independent front suspension, CVT transmission and electric start. The YFM90R balances power with a range of features to give you total peace of mind. A simple CDI plug-in adjusts engine power output to suit different riding abilities while a parking brake on the handlebar ensures that the YFM90R stays exactly where you last left it. The fully automated gearbox makes it even easier to ride and it’s thinking like this that makes YFM90R the kids’ ATV that adults love too.

Exploration, a world of fun and a thrilling outdoor experience with friends – that’s the promise of Yamaha’s leisure range. Choose from sporty models to long-distance trail models. From entry-level models to models for the more experienced. There’s an ATV to everyone’s liking and riding ability. Each ATV has the technology and ergonomics to tackle whatever nature throws at you so you can enjoy the outdoors in a relaxed and comfortable way. And with our ATVs running low on fuel and requiring minimal maintenance, you and your fellow co-riders only have to plunge yourselves into the adventures ahead and make it an unforgettable experience.



Effortless transmission


Perfect for young or inexperienced riders, a fully automatic gearbox makes the YFM90R even easier to ride. This is especially useful over longer distances, when shifting can become tiring.

Electric start


Start-up is as effortless as handling and maintenance are. No need to worry about a kickstarter, simply press the electric start and the YFM90R springs into life. It’s ideal for learner riders from 10 years old.

Forward, Neutral and Reverse


The YFM90R is equipped with an F/N/R gears lever, allowing for extra rider convenience.

Long travel adjustable suspension


Long-travel suspension helps keep the tyres in contact with the ground, even on undulating terrain. Independent front suspension means that the movement of one front wheel is not affected by that of the other. This improves handling by allowing the YFM90R to track across bumpy terrain more accurately and smoothly for increased comfort and control.

Wide chassis & great ground clearance


Compact engine designs and long travel suspension keep Yamaha ATVs riding high over rough ground. A wide chassis ensures great stability. Strong skid plates help to protect the ATV engine and chassis from damage if an obstacle is encountered.

Ergonomic design


Piloting an ATV brings an unusual combination of muscles into play. The YFM90R is designed to accommodate riders of varying sizes and weights from age 10 and upwards.

Low maintenance engine


Kids want an ATV that’s ready for them to use, whenever they feel like it. The YFM90R uses an 88cc single-cylinder, 4-stroke engine that’s been specially designed to require minimal maintenance and provide maximum reliability. Power transmission is via a reliable chain drive system.



– Fully automatic CVT transmission

– Electric start

– Chain drive

– Parking brake

– Throttle limiter

– F/N/R gears

– Comfortable ergonomics

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