It can be tough when you’re working outdoors all year round. You need the best equipment and the hardest working partners to get the job done. So it’s time to consider how the Viking can make your life a little easier! The spacious 3-seat layout ensures a comfortable and safe drive every time for you and your colleagues. Its double wishbone suspension is ready to take on the most rugged terrain – while the Euro-pallet sized tipping cargo bed can carry loads up to 272kg. Equipped with our On-Command® drive system with 2WD, 4WD and 4WD with Diff Lock, plus selectable Hi or Lo ratios and powered by a high-torque 686cc engine, the Viking could be the best purchase you ever made!

When you work hard in a tough outdoors environment you need the best tools. So we’ve designed the Viking to make your job a bit easier – and more enjoyable. Features like the walk-through floor and staggered 3-seat layout make access from either side quick and easy. The spacious cargo bed can be tipped to save time and effort when unloading. Smart technology such as Ultramatic® fully automatic transmission with selectable Hi and Lo ratios mean you wont need to change gear once on the move. And, EPS makes driving more relaxing and the easily accessible engine simplifies routine maintenance. Viking 3-seater is ready for hard work, and lets you enjoy the outdoors during your leisure time.




– Comfortable and spacious 3-seat layout

– Powerful, high-torque 686cc single-cylinder engine

– Electronic Fuel Injection

– Switchable On-Command® drive system

– 2WD, 4WD and 4WD with Diff Lock

– Electronic Power Steering for lighter handling

– Low noise cabin with walk-through floor

– Tipping cargo bed with heavy duty rubber mat

– Front and rear double wishbone suspension

– Easy to operate and well-positioned controls

– Easily accessible engine location

– Robust body design for good damage resistance

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