YAMAHA ATV – LEISURE – Wolverine® X2 850 Alu

YAMAHA ATV – LEISURE – Wolverine® X2 850 Alu


The Wolverine X2 Alu, with its short wheelbase, high torque engine and compact chassis, is built to take you and your passenger across extreme terrain. Now, with a range of exciting new ergonomic design updates for 2021, this user-friendly SxS delivers even more comfort with its capability.

With high-back seats for two adults – and a range of exciting new ergonomic design updates for the 2021 model year – this machine delivers true comfort. The compact chassis gives outstanding agility and maneuverability – and the powerful torque of the 850cc engine offers easy low-speed control. With a smooth-running Ultramatic transmission and our switchable On-Command drive system with 2WD/4WD/Diff Lock, the Wolverine X2 Alu gives you ultimate confidence and control! Disclaimer: The unit depicted on the images shown is equipped with optional Yamaha Genuine Accessories.



– Agile and easy-handling Yamaha two-seat Side-By-Side

– Advanced ergonomic design updates for 2021 models

– High levels of capability, comfort and confidence

– Amazing versatility – ideal for leisure and light utility use

– SE piggy-back shocks and 27” Dirt Commander tyres

– 850cc parallel 2-cyl engine – anywhere, any time power!

– New ECU mapping update – smoother low-speed control

– Compact and agile chassis, low centre of gravity

– Confident all-terrain capability and versatility

– Speed Management system – 25 mph limit when needed

– Tough, durable and adaptable – a great all-rounder

– Good load carrying and towing capacity

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